Bahwan International Group (BIG), being one of the top distributors of premium brand of passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles, construction equipment and related products in the Sultanate of Oman, also represents many of these top global brands in several other countries. While we pride ourselves on our ability to embrace change and modern business practices, our core values and corporate culture, having evolved from the five decade long legacy of the widely respected “Suhail Bahwan” name, remain the bulwark of our business strategy.

Being cognizant that building human competencies and capacities are critical to the continued growth and success of our organization, at BIG we ensure that our people are at the heart of our business strategy. Therefore, across all our businesses, we strive to provide a dynamic, exciting, fair and results-driven place to work in.

Our employees are not just committed to performing well as individuals but, more importantly, as a team. They are expected to lead themselves and others, regardless of their level in the organizational hierarchy, and deliver added value and quality to our clients, thereby strengthening our brand in the marketplace. Today, our employees, regardless of their background, are highly motivated and talented, are empowered to think independently, take initiative and be innovative.

We, therefore, continually scout for Winners to come on board and leverage their potential to excel along with us.

Strongly committed to nurturing and growing our in-house talent, we ensure a learning culture where teamwork and collaboration are encouraged, excellence is rewarded and diversity is valued and respected. Towards this end, apart from having tie-ups with training service providers within and outside Oman, we have set up two state-of-the-art training centres for providing technical, functional and soft skills training to our employees, based on detailed individual training plans that are drawn up annually. Alongside, supervisory, management and leadership development programs, spread over several modules, are conducted by internationally renowned faculty within and outside Oman for the identified employees as part of their career development plans.

To further augment the development of our team members, they are encouraged to pursue further education that build their capabilities and increase their engagement levels.

We provide our people with a variety of tools - enriching professional experiences, daily coaching, focused and real-time feedback - so that they can continually improve their professional skills and enhance their personal brand and stay relevant in the marketplace. Additionally, various platforms for recognizing and rewarding benchmark performances provide employees with opportunities to showcase their contribution and meet their career aspirations.

A balanced scorecard based performance management system and Assessment & Development Centre based career development process ensure that performance, capability and merit remain the cornerstones of our corporate culture.