Discover our range of electric forklifts: designed for different purposes, all with the same world-class ergonomics.


Key Features

  • •  Low energy consumtion
  • •  Fully-optimised visibility
  • •  Integrated diagnostics system
  • •  Cusomisable for maximum operator comfort


Key Benefits

  • •  Increases truck availability for the most intense operations
  • •  The most advanced counterbalance truck in the industry, with award nominated visibility
  • •  Onboard diagnostics allows fast and efficient trouble shooting to reduce down time
  • •  Fully adjustable operator compartment, designed with the operator in mind to increase productivity and comfort



  • •  Designed for pallet movement, unloading lorries and transport, cross-docking, general stillage, and material movements.
  • •  Ideal for manufacturing, food and drink, automotive, metals, wood, and chemical applications.