Case wheeled excavators offer a high lifting and digging performance, with their compact upper structure and well balanced design. The modular design of the chassis means that you can choose between stabilizers, a dozer blade or a combination of the two. The exceptional all round visibility, stability and maneuverability allows you to operate efficiently in confined worksites. Case wheeled excavators are the answer for the most demanding residential and urban applications.


High Efficiency

  • •  The second generation common rail engine Cursor delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy.


Fast Cycles

  • •  Best-in-class breakout force
  • •  Simultaneous lift and tilt at constant lift speed
  • •  Faster bucket lifting allows for faster truck loading


Comfortable and Safe Cab

  • •  ROPS/FOPS level 2
  • •  Pressurized cab
  • •  Wider glazed area for unbeatable visibility
  • •  Spacious cab


Superior Cooling Efficiency

  • •  Seven radiators form a cube instead of overlapping
  • •  Designed to maintain constant fluid temperatures


Safe and Easy Maintenance

  • •  Grouped drains rationalize maintenance operations.


High Reliability

  • •  Heavy-duty axles
  • •  100% differential lock
  • •  Unique cooling package