Stacker trucks are ideal for transporting pallets quickly and safely from A to B, but can also lift loads up to raised platforms. TCM offers the perfect solution for any transport distance or lift height.


Key Features

  • •  Ergonomically designed
  • •  Narrow chassis enables operations in tight spaces
  • •  Rounded edges minimise the risk of damaged goods
  • •  Low bumper to prevent foot injuries


Key Benefits

  • •  Versatile and compact
  • •  Intutive controls are easily accessible
  • •  Suitable for multi-shift operations
  • •  Customisable pallet and fork options maximise efficiency



  • •  Ideal for moving pallets around a warehouse, even in confined spaces.
  • •  Great for stacking pallets at a range of heights, but versatile enough to perform a range of duties — from heavy industrial to light handling tasks.