Power station – PS Series
Auto Tracking Models/ Auto Collimation Models

Connected to the Future
*    Advanced tracking technology and New remote Control System (RC-5)*1
*    MAGNETTM Field On-Board Application Software
*    Fast and powerful Reflectorless EDM
*    LonglinkTM Data Communication *2
*    Advanced Angle Measurement System
*    Rugged and User-Friendly Design – IP65
    *1: Only for Auto-Tracking Models
    *2: Offered as an option in some areas


Direct Aiming Station – DS series
Compact Robotic Total Station designed to be both Versatile and Agile
*    Auto Tracking Function*1
*    Auto-Collimation Xpointing Technology
*    MAGNETTM Software On-Board
*    Powerful EDM of 1,000m in reflectorless mode
*    Exclusive LongLinkTM Communications*2
*    TSshieldTM Advanced Security and Maintenance
*    Rugged Water Resistant IP65 design
     *1: Auto-Tracking function can be added by Upgrade Kit
     *2: Offered as an option in some areas


Onboard Station - OS Series
Highly Functional Total station with outstanding Operability 
*    WindowsR CE is ready in a lightweight, compact body
*    MAGNETTM Field On-Board Application Software
*    Fast & Powerful Reflectorless EDM
*    LonglinkTM Data Communication*
*    Advanced Angle Measurement System
*    Long-lasting battery
*    Rugged and User-friendly Design  - IP65
*    Dependably operates in the heat of up to+60 0C (+140 0F)
      * Offered as an option in some areas


Easy Station – ES Series
The Perfect combination of easy Operation and Powerful Features
*    Fast and Powerful EDM
*    LongLinkTM Data Communication*
*    Advanced Angle Accuracy
*    The Longest Battery Life – 36 Hours!
*    Rugged and User-Friendly Design – IP66
*    Dependability operates in the heat of up to +60 0C (+140 0F)
     * Offered as an option in some areas.