CASE Soil Compactors are complementary to our current road construction machines, such as Graders and Dozers, and they excel in terms of productivity and reliability. The 1107 EX vibratory soil compactor is available in three different configurations to meet every surface compaction needs: the 1107 EX with single drive and smooth drum for multi-purpose activities and standard compaction jobs; the 1107 EX-D with double drive and increased traction on slopes (up to 36 %) and landfills; and the 1107 EX-PD with pad foot and double drive for compacting more cohesive materials, such as clay and silt ground. The choice of world-class components ensures a high level of performance and reliability. The reinforced front scraper, the robust 32 mm thick drum and the turbocharger with pre-cleaner are just some examples of the design-for-quality concept.