Construction Equipment

In this business area, we offer our customers a wide range of light construction equipment. These are mostly designed as hand-held machines, some are remote controlled or designed as ride-on equipment. Due to the wide range and great variety of products, Wacker Neuson holds a market leading position in the area of light construction equipment.


The business area includes the following three areas:

1) Concrete technology

Whether in building construction when concreting walls, ceilings and floors, or in infrastructure construction during concrete work on bridges, overpasses or tunnels: internal vibrators, external vibrators, frequency converters, low-noise vibratory tables, trowels and wet screed are used perfectly here.


2) Compaction

With the invention of the electrical rammer in 1930 and the gasoline vibratory rammer in 1952, Wacker Neuson has revolutionized soil compaction. Today, the machine product range in the business field also includes vibratory plates and rammers in addition to rollers.


3) Site prep

Breaking work can be facilitated to a great extent through products, such as gasoline demolition and electric breakers or by gasoline cut-off saws and floor saws. Light masts, light balloons and generators from Wacker Neuson provide for sufficient brightness on the construction site. In addition, we carry pumps, air dehumidifiers and heaters in this category.