Generac industrial gas generators revolutionise the idea of energy. The generators provide virtually unlimited run times, low environmental impact and, thanks to the innovative Power Zone™ control system, they feature a very simple and powerful interface to operators. These gas-fuelled generator sets are optimized for emergency stand-by and prime power applications, while providing reduced maintenance costs and simplified installation possibilities, when compared to traditional diesel gensets.

Power 31 - 1250 kVA    50 Hz

Power 35 - 750 kVA    60 Hz

• No fuel-storage costs, pay as you go

• No need for fuel annual polishing, reduced maintenance costs

• Optimized for industrial or commercial applications

• Powered by GENERAC industrial spark-ignited engines, optimized for performance and responsiveness to load variations

• Control system with color touchscreen

• Intuitive icons, “app-like” navigation and multilingual screens

• Power ZoneTM panel gives complete control over the engine and the generating set’s functions

• Designed around remote connectivity

• Virtually unlimited running: continuous fuel supply avoids refuelling down-time

• Gas-fuelled engines emit lesser nitrogen oxides and no particulate matter than equivalent diesel

• No concerns related to on-site storage of large amounts of fuel, generator is directly connected to a gas network

• Clean fuel that does not require maintenance (no fuel polishing)

• Integrated modular parallel system option, starting from 150kVA

• Rich-Burn air/gas mixture allows for 10s start and block load in accordance with NFPA110-type10 requirements

Power 31 - 1250 kVA    50 Hz

Power 35 - 750 kVA    60 Hz