Reliable and affordable solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications

Generac offers a wide range of generating sets for all industrial, commercial and residential applications, including diesel and gaseous generators. Our power solutions, up to 4MVA, with low and medium voltage output, are suitable for any application, and we have a dedicated staff able to design turnkey projects with tailor-made soundproof enclosures, special control panels and study specific technical alternatives.

Lead the evolution to more resilient, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions.

Founded in 1959, Generac is a leading global provider of a wide range of power generation equipment and other power products serving the residential, light commercial and industrial markets. The Generac Industrial division distinguishes for its unwavering commitment to quality,reliability, innovation, and a customercentric culture that empowers people to go above and beyond to understand and exceed customer expectations. This longstanding reputation has cemented Generac Industrial’s position as a leader in the industry.

Whether working directly with the end customer or in our dealer networks, we create customized solutions for each unique customer need, start to finish. Simply put, we make it easy for key customers to do business with us by taking out all the unnecessary layers.