Your new DAILY is an all-new DAILY: strong by nature, incredibly light, comfortable and easy to handle. New architecture optimizes vehicle volumes. New wheelbases improve dynamic handling. New suspensions enhance performance and solid build.

A business oriented vehicle that features larger volumes, a more accessible loading platform and lower fuel consumption. The new DAILY has been completely redesigned to meet every need of light commercial transport, a new concept, a new vehicle, and a new generation of Daily vehicles.

The new DAILY is the toughest of light commercial vehicles, with the most lasting performance.

Its strength is based on its chassis, made of C-section side members in special steel, an exclusive feature in light commercial vehicles that sets the DAILY apart from car derived vehicles.

 The DAILY is the only light commercial vehicle with gross vehicle weights of up to 7 t and payloads of up to 4700 kg. The maximum front and rear axle loads too are top-ranked in their class. The range re-proposes all the wheel base variations from 3000 to 4750 mm whilst maintaining the same cab and body length. This allows the chassis fittings installed in the previous ranges to also be used on the new DAILY.

The new DAILY chassis cab is the most popular base among body builders: it is the toughest and the easiest to transform. In the single cab, crew cab and chassis cowl versions, with single or twin wheels; it can be equipped as a box van, tipper, panel van, camper, minibus, vehicle recovery truck, crane truck, overhead platform and for many other special uses.

The VAN capacity has been optimized, with a redesigned wheelbase, total length and load compartment length relationship: the new 3520 and 4100 mm wheelbases reduce the rear overhang without affecting the ground dimensions and load platform. In this way an entirely new range of load capacities has been developed, from just 9 to almost 20 m₃.

The new 18 and 19.6 m3 models are the best in their class in terms of available volume.