Industrial Equipment Sales Executive & Sr.Executive

Products : Floor Levers , Lift Machines , forklifts & material handling equipments  
Position:                                                                 Sales   
IN ORDER TO, what results
Prospect generation 1.Number of new prospects identified
2.Number of enquiries generated
Understand list of accounts nominated in assigned geo; Scan geo for non-nominated accounts; Plan cold calls, telemarketing etc; Categorise and qualify potential customers;Visit potential customers; Introduce organization and products; Highlight capabilities; Followup with high probability prospects;Identify key buying influences and  build relationships in order to generate enquiries.
Prospect management # prospects qualified
Enter timely and accurate prospect data; Closely follow-up prospects; Update in real-time progress of prospects through various stages of the funnel; Report conversions and non-conversions accurately (Sold, Lost, Deferred, Cancelled) for all prospects in funnel; Coordinate with team manager and other functions to prevent leakages;  Escalate any pre-loss of sales on a timely basis to minimise actual loss of sales; Highlight any immediate concerns leading to or causing lost sales / delays in conversion (such as financing etc)  in order to ensure conversion of prospects to sales.
Sales conversion process 1.% conversion ratio;
2.Volume sales
3. Sales mix;
4. Share of wallet
Understand and comply with brand quality to manage  sales prospects; Use sales certification training in actual sales process; Use all relevant sales tools (such as referrals, testimonials, test-drives, sales-kit, product demonstrations & product clinic, FAB analysis, Total Cost of Ownership etc) to introduce / showcase company / product range, address specifc customer queries, explain specifications and to educate customer on benefits of the model vis-a-vis competition; Understand customer requirement (such as product type, payment mode etc.); Qualify customer; Conduct competitive analysis; Offer customized proposal that demonstrate value to specific fleet segment (SME etc);  Follow-up and negotiate terms and conditions for closing sale; Collect & submit documents for invoicing, delivery, registration, insurance, sign-writing, MMN (Muscat Muncipality Number) etc; Liaison with C&C; Coordinate with delivery cell and customer in order to close the sale and deliver the vehicles.
Product Management Feedback from supervisor
Monitor competitive specifications and customer needs; Analyse lost-sales; Provide necessary inputs to reporting manager  for possible changes in product specifications, variants and prices in order to help increase sales.
Process Compliance and Improvement Number of non compliances

Execute process improvement actions as directed; Provide inputs / suggestions on issues that affect customers or team operations; Escalate key issues that need senior-level intervention; Understand Brand standards; Verify compliance with Brand standards in team;  in order to comply with Brand standards, improve customer service.
Understand customer grievances / issues; Escalate issues (where needed) for resolution; Execute corrective actions fro closure; Reassure customers on resolution of complaint; Implement KAM / SME programs as applicable; Exploit these programmes for generating repeat sales in order to retain customers and generate repeat sales.